Friday, November 6, 2009

when the inner self spoken

Alhamdulillah.. still breathing for another day in the way of Islam.. Praise upon Allah our only one God and also to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Its been like ages since i posted my last entry. I realized about myself not being istiqamah and I totally felt sorry but my school life and study always become my top priority.Thanks to one of my friend coz reminded me to be more
responsible and dont make 'busy' as an excuses. It is way too common( yup indeed I really agree).

Silence in a couple of weeks actually make me realized som
ething..In these time I experienced a lot which gradually make me thinking about how people could change easily. It's such a meticulous theory of upbringing the special truth about one's self. More over, the thing is, humans do change a lot and based on my very own observation, we are one in many ways.I am telling this based on my life and somewhat i do hope that i can be better.

Fortnight ago I could say that I am loosing myself in this blind world.It was a messed.I broke the promise to myself. It was a metaphorical phenomenon that I managed to discover before it gets worst.Alhamdulillah I really thanked sources that give me back my soul especially the weekly usrah that i joined.I still remembered my senpai during the discussion session said human really change easily. At that time the inner self spoken. In Islam either we have to be Muslim, or not, there is no such thing as 50/50. It is not a part time job.

If we want to train ourselves I strongly believed that we have to start first from our souls. Look deep down in oneself.And start to realize our mistakes, are we part time or full time Muslims? Ask yourself, was the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) gave us in a hadeeth, when we are busy in our worldly affairs, so then we can apply the Islam as a part time, or when we have time we can pray, or we are still praying on Fridays. Lets start to realize our lifestyles. When we wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that sits in our minds, is it the waking up du'a, or the shahadah? or is it planning of the day? (They say): "Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower." (3:8)

This verse (3:8) in sura al-baqarah, gives a ruling to our soul, to keep asking from one's Lord, Allah (SWT), to not let one be sunk in this world, after you have given me guidance. This means after Allah has given one guidance, then that person is under the protection of Allah (SWT), and when one is under the protection of Allah, then this means he or she is under the blessings of Allah (SWT) here and in the hereafter. And we realize the greatness of Allah. After all the sins that were committed in the past by us, however the blessings of Allah are still on us, verily he is the bestower.

Instead of keeping one's self fully busy in this world only, everyday remind yourself that indeed you have to meet your Lord. And always think that this is your last and final day of your life. When you remind your soul, then you feel like you are a traveller, and everyday remind yourself that you are going to your final destiny, to meet your Lord where you originally came from.

'Oo Allah please accept my taubat. I am humbly seeking for your hidayah.Guide me through your nur in the path of Islam and Iman. Ameen'

Monday, October 19, 2009

-because you are not him...-


First and foremost Alhamdulillah praise upon Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. I still breathing in this world searching for His blessings and nur by the name of iman and Islam.

Morning~...It was a typical Monday school life. Went to school as usual and the first period 総合数学(Math class but combine wif other course students and for that we are using other people classroom).Bismillah.. hope to gain as many input as i can.. yay aja2 fighting... Such eagerly spirit to study consumes myself until the class was just about to finish when something unexpected happened. A group of students (which the student of the classroom we use)suddenly entered from the back door and started to make noise. A glanced at the clock and there is still 10 minutes left.. I just monologue with myself can't they just wait outside until we finished our own class?

後ろ うるさいな!!!Our sensei suddenly getting mad at them. To my amazement they just keep talking and laughing at each others like nothing happened!! At that point i barely can see sensei keep teaching us but deep down trying to control the temper from blast out. Why they don't respect their own sensei?? Don't they feel sensei is such a noble person like us being really strict about respect and moral towards our teacher?

Imam Zain-ul-'Abidin says, "The right of your instructor is dignifying him and committing to solemnity in their classes and good listening and attending. You should provide for your instructor with mental presence and conceptual attendance and heart retaining and sight propinquity. The way of all these is laxness of desires and confine of lusts. You must understand that you are the emissary of what you have been received to the ignorant you may meet. Then, you should convey properly and never breach the mission if you should perform."

Thinking about status of teachers from Islamic perspective. Islam has paid considerable attention to teachers for their being the first brick in the structure of social development and perfection and the cause of guiding and developing behaviors and mentalities of individuals and communities.Teachers enjoy abundant rights on their pupils since they are sources of their perfection and familiarity with life experts. They are also sources of their mentalities' illumination. They gave us knowledge but instead what good did we gave them??(still remembering the sensei face)

Therefor in my view,pupils are required to show their teachers the highest pictures of respect and reverence.Yes I know I am not that good enough to judge people but try put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel when you are talking in front but your own student talking at the back? You just don't know because you are not him...

Thats all for now.Love our teachers. Without them we can't even read a single phrase not to mention a book. Apapun fighting!! hehehe..Saranghae.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

-life couldn't get better-


`Alhamdulillah ketenangan begitu dirasai'
Mungkin itulah yg dapat digambarkan oleh aku pada saat ini. Semester baru pun dah start(後期).Rasa mcm kejap je dah masuk semester ke-2... and automatik dlam kepala silibus makin bertambah dan for sure makin susah. Tapi adatlah kan mkin banyak belajar makin susah la tpi yg penting seberapa bnyak ilmu dan input yg boleh dapat.

Syukur... result aku for final exam sem 1 is better than the first one. Walaupun agak lalai jugak time study dlu tpi cukuplah tuh. Sekurang2nye ada improvement. Teringat waktu dpat result first yg dulu. Sedey x boleh nk gambarkan... tengok result plg terok pernah dpt selama bergelar student. kawan2 lain yg studi kat kosen(高専 tempat kami belajar di Jepun )lain dapat ok. Knape aku x boleh?? Lepas fikir2 balik dan buat improvement in da way of studying at last jumpe gak cara.. Alhamdulillah Allah xkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali mereka mengubah diri mereka sendri.. Statement itu selalu aku ingat supaya aku x lalai dan terus berusaha. これからも頑張ろう!!!

Semester nih bnyak aktiviti kat kosen.. Hjung minggu nih ade kosensai(高専際 ala2 hari kantin sekolah).Nk kena prepare la ape nk di jual.Cuti pun banyak jugak means class kurang tapi still report dan shukudai(宿題 homework) banyk mcm biasa. Takpe Insya allah akan cube buat semua dgn teratur.Setakat ini begitulah kehidupan for new sem. I really want to make sure everything i do and organized is according to plan.
Dengan harapan menggunung memulakan sem baru...

Alhamdullilah praise to Allah. Life couldn't get better. With a calm heart and fighting spirit I know i can do better this time! To all my friends semoga perjuangan kita di bumi sakura ini diberkati Allah!

Determination leads to success!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

-mE , mYseLf anD myLifE-

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First of all welcome to my blog, the place where I will write my life as a student, as a Muslim, current issues and etc. I just created this blog and still trying to get used of it. I am not really good at writing but still i think this is the best place where I can share my feelings and what happened around me with all of you guys. Sounds like an open diary rite? hahaaha

Since I created this blog, i want to share not only about myself but also the difficulties to get rid of the abyss and obstacles in this life, have to be strong to fulfill hopes of myself and people around me and to be a great Muslim in the same time. Insya-Allah.

Well that's all what in my mind right now and hoping that you will visit my blog again.