Saturday, October 17, 2009

-mE , mYseLf anD myLifE-

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First of all welcome to my blog, the place where I will write my life as a student, as a Muslim, current issues and etc. I just created this blog and still trying to get used of it. I am not really good at writing but still i think this is the best place where I can share my feelings and what happened around me with all of you guys. Sounds like an open diary rite? hahaaha

Since I created this blog, i want to share not only about myself but also the difficulties to get rid of the abyss and obstacles in this life, have to be strong to fulfill hopes of myself and people around me and to be a great Muslim in the same time. Insya-Allah.

Well that's all what in my mind right now and hoping that you will visit my blog again.


faiz ck said...

go nazih
i lap u!!!

Nazih Ismail said...


nbo_3 said...

Your English is good bro. Strive forward!

Nazih Ismail said...

alamak naim xderlah biase jer huhuhu!!!

Just said...

hebat la nazih..teruskan usaha!

ilhami said...

salam nazih...
yeah..good starting..
wanna read ur story bout japan..
may b i dun hv chances 2 go again..

'Atiqah Jasni said...

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Welcome to writing world nazih..
Can I put your blog in my link?
Look forward to see your writing more.

Nazih Ismail said...

thanks for the support kak
anyway yes of course you can put mine in ur list
do visit again my blog next time=)

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