Monday, February 8, 2010

mindset?? changed!!


"Nazih ikou."(Nazih lets go).Suddenly Ploy,my Thailand classmate reminded me about our meeting with sensei during lunch break. Our sensei actually gonna give us some printout which include info on university and those entrance exam. What make me impressed during our meeting is that Ploy zealously asked questions about these info even though the entrance exam is gonna be in our fifth year.I already knew she actually aimed for the second best university in Japan and via the conversation sensei told us that the chances to enter that university by entrance exam is something only true genius or hard worker level can gain. Plus there was not even a single senpai(senior) have entered the university by the entrance exam..

While walking back to have lunch suddenly Ploy asked me which university i am interested in. I just said I dont seriously think about that yet but somehow yes I did have some list in my mind. "I totally want to be the first person succeed entering that university by passing the exam" once again Ploy inspired me.I can see how difference our way of thinking is. She totally have high aim and positive mindset. It is still one and half year away from the entrance exam but she actually did take it serious like there is no time left.

I personally believe with the unrelenting doom and gloom still a constant feature in people’s lives, it can sometimes be very challenging to maintain a positive mindset.However one of the greatest feel good boosters is a positive mindset, which subsequently can lead to positive change.
But in reality how many of us can maintain in this state? Gonna be rare right?

It is imperative to point out that it is a futile exercise, to attempt to adopt a positive mindset, if this cannot be matched by the appropriate action. Even if there is an iota of dissonance in thinking and action, there will be no real authentic positive change. Why? This is because lack of self belief and the genuine desire to achieve positive change.However we can obtain positive mindset if we can spend more time with positive and optimistic people(in my case special thanks to Ploy=)because these people can be inspirational


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